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Bridget A. Moorman, CCE
 - EHR, mobile device
Clinical Innovation + Technology

In Risk Tool Helps Determine Mobile Network’s Capability to Provide Healthcare Services, [i] a table of low-, medium- and high-risk functions and/or products that a mobile network operator could provide was depicted. These functions ranged from those inherent in the mobile telecommunication infrastructure design to complex, integrated services that would need a partnership between a mobile network operator (MNO) and healthcare provider/service. The functions described were fairly general in description. In this article, three MNO executives were interviewed to get a better idea of the types of products they provide as well as what they perceive as the risk inherent in those product offerings.

 - Global Communication
Clinical Innovation + Technology

Mobile network operators (MNOs) should be one of your technology partners because they offer a range of services from access to basic telecommunications bandwidth to full, value-added healthcare services.

 - Wireless Communication
Clinical Innovation + Technology

This begins a three-part series describing what mobile network operations or mobile telecommunication vendors can offer healthcare, as well as the possible downsides of using the mobile telecommunications products.