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Cara Livernois
News Writer
As a News Writer at TriMed Media Group, Cara covers breaking news across several facets of the healthcare industry for all of TriMed's brands.

In a survey conducted by Peak 10, healthcare organizations are increasingly relying on cloud technology in the fight against the constant bombardment of data security hacking.

A report from the Commonwealth Fund found that Americans continue to outspend other nations on healthcare without improved health outcomes.

Even though the U.S. spends the most per capita on healthcare, people are not living as long, experience higher rates of infant mortality, obesity, heart disease and AIDS, and are more likely to die from traffic accidents, drug overdoses and gunshot wounds.

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Electronic health records (EHRs) are implemented in hospitals to make working with patient data easier and safer. But not all hospitals see the advantages of entering the technological age.

Data sharing can make research available to all corners of the world. But if the amount of information remains unorganized, it can pile up into a “data dumpster."

Amino, a San Francisco-based startup, has been certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to create new healthcare quality measures using data to help consumers choose a doctor.

A new survey by Gallup showed that 15 percent of Americans report healthcare costs as the biggest financial burden facing families today.

With a total number of 112 million data breaches of healthcare records spanning more than 250 separate incidents last year, it’s safe to say that information security is on people's minds. The deluge of breaches has raised an important question about a particular kind of incident: does ransomware constitute as a data breach under HIPAA?

New York Presbyterian Hospital has been reprimanded for disclosing patients' protected health information without their consent to film crews of the ABC television series “NY Med." 

Value in healthcare is defined as "the ratio of clinical outcomes to the costs incurred to achieve them" by Michael Porter and Elizabeth Teisberg in their 2006 book Redefining Health Care, but what does high value care look like in practice?