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David A. Dierolf
Radiology Business

Whenever the economic aspects of business get tough, do more with less is a phrase heard everywhere. Of course, doing more with less just means becoming more productive. There is no scarcity of literature on productivity, and some authors claim to have identified more than 20 definitions for productivity. Economists use the term to measure the

Radiology Business
As little as one extra MRI per day can generate more than an additional $200,000 in incremental revenue annually, but most imaging centers use crude scheduling systems that do not accurately present a center’s potential throughput. David A. Dierolf, director of performance improvement, Outpatient Imaging Affiliates (OIA), Nashville, Tennessee,

In today’s challenging business environment, not many people would buy into the philosophy, in operating an imaging center, that if you build it, they will come. Most accept that marketing the center is required. Even so, the questions of exactly how to market the center and, equally important, how much to spend marketing the center remain