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Laura Pedulli
 - StevenHorng

BOSTON—Wearables and other devices are improving efficiency of care to help ease stressed emergency department resources while making an impact on physician-patient relationships, said Steve Horng, MD, MMSc, assistant director of emergency informatics at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, at the 2014 Fall AMDIS Symposium.

 - Crossroads

BOSTON—The healthcare industry is facing a “critical juncture” of tension between regulations and innovation. John Glaser, PhD, CEO, Health Services, Siemens Healthcare, told health IT leaders at the AMDIS Fall Symposium that they need to “take time out of [their] lives to contribute to the discussion of regulations.”

 - woman at computer

BOSTON—Is it a good idea to let patients see clinician notes? Bradley Crotty, MD, MPH, investigator, clinical informatics at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, answered a resounding yes at a talk exploring OpenNotes and social media as patient engagement tools at the AMDIS Fall Symposium.

 - Puzzle, Analyze

BOSTON—Clinical decision support (CDS) is really about getting knowledge to the right person at the right place,” said Jonathan Teich, MD, PhD, CMIO, Elsevier at the AMDIS Fall Symposium.

 - Work Together Interoperability

BOSTON—DirectTrust “isn’t just email, but email with a layer of security and trust controls,” DirectTrust President and CEO David Kibbe, MD, MBA, told attendees at the AMDIS Fall Symposium.