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 - Emergency department
Emergency departments (EDs) are busier than ever, and ED imaging volumes are up almost across the board.
 - Shannon Werb, Chief Information Officer, vRad
Rare is the radiology practice of any size that has never had to sweat out the absence of one or more radiologists as unread non-emergent studies piled up.
 - Patricia Pittman, PhD
Health-policy educator and researcher Patricia (“Polly”) Pittman, PhD, co-founded the GW Health Workforce Institute at George Washington University (GWHWI) in April 2015.
 - Ann Barnes, President and CEO, MedData, Inc.
Radiographs of the ankle, hip and knee getting coded as mammograms; a popular code-assist product failing right out of the gate and remaining troublesome months later; small billing companies shuttering their offices, leaving physician practices without any billing services at all. These are some...
 - Ben Strong, MD
Countless healthcare providers of every type heaved a sigh of relief when CMS announced a one-year grace period following the Oct. 1, 2015, launch of ICD-10.