Harvard Business Review: Halamka covers big data at BIDMC

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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) CIO John D. Halamka, MD, penned an article published in the Harvard Business Review about his organization’s use of big data for better patient care.

Halamka used his own experience with elevated blood pressure to explain how he tracked the reason for the change. Using a BP cuff linked to his iPhone he took his blood pressure before and after his commute, before and after consuming tea and before and after his many, potentially stressful meetings.

The nearly 100 measurements in a week determined that the cause was genetics. Combined with other information already collected in his EHR—glaucoma and atrial tachycardia—his medication now controls all his conditions with no side effects. “In short, the BP data I had gathered telemetrically at home, coupled with information in my EHR, helped my clinician and me make a wise choice about my treatment.”

Halamka also writes about implementing BIDMC@Home but showing how patient-generated data could tie in with pay-for-performance reimbursement. The hospital’s IT leaders used a strategic-planning exercise with a 24-month outlook to show that new mobile apps for patients offered both clinical and financial benefits. A presentation to the senior management operating council and then to the Board of Directors’ IT oversight committee led to project funding and a full rollout.

Read the complete article on BIDMC’s use of big data.