HIMSS reports on 2016’s ‘growth technologies’

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Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Analytics has published a report on some of the technologies shaping hospitals’ purchase plans in 2016.

Data analysis earned two different spots in the report’s list of “growth technologies” for 2016. Data Warehousing/Mining—Clinical is HIMSS’ No. 1 growth technology (188 hospitals planning to purchase, 102 planning to upgrade), and Data Warehousing/Mining—Financial came in at No. 13 (92 hospitals planning to purchase, 43 planning to upgrade).

Medical Necessity Checking Content (50 hospitals planning to purchase, 225 planning to upgrade) and Dictation with Speech Recognition (163 hospitals planning to purchase, 93 planning to upgrade) were also at the top of the list.

The report also noted that the increase of interest in certain technologies shows hospitals attempting to stay relevant within the evolving healthcare industry.

“The increased plans to replace billing and collection systems illustrates hospitals preparing for the shift to value-based payment,” the report stated.

More information about this report is available on the HIMSS Analytics website.