Amino certified by CMS to create new quality measures

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Amino, a San Francisco-based startup, has been certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to create new healthcare quality measures using data to help consumers choose a doctor based on who has best served patients of similar demographic and treatment profiles.

Using a database of billions of patient-doctor interactions, Amino matches patients to physicians who have best served patients who share their demographic and treatment profile. Patients can also filter through results to choose the best local doctors who take their insurance.

“We decided it was important for us to design measures that were focused on the decisions that consumers make, whereas National Quality Forum (NQF) measures are much more broadly applied,” said David Vivero, CEO of Amino. “We wanted to stick to an approach that would allow us to mimic the speed of our product, so we wanted to design our own product. Having said that, we also believe it’s super important to be rigorous in our methodologies, so it was great to be able to go through this process, and put all our ducks in a row, and recruit all the right people, so we can control that destiny and build the quality measures that are meaningful to consumers.”

As the first company to become an entity under Medicare Data Sharing as well has the first private company to become a Medicare “consensus-based entity," Amino has access to Medicare claims back to 2009 and has the support of CMS in creating new quality measures.

“[Consensus-based entity] is a very technical term to describe a very basic idea, which is Medicare wants to make sure that if you’re going to profile physicians the way that we do, that you take a rigorous approach designing the measures you use,” said Vivero. “So you can use measures from bodies they’ve already approved in this way. So for example, the NQF produces a set of measures it designed through its process. And if you are a qualified entity, someone who has access to this data, then you can use these approved measures.”