Average HIT salary tops $111K

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 - MDs unaware is P4P included in compensation

The 2015 HIMSS Compensation Survey revealed numerous insights about health IT employment, including average salary, differences between men and women and regional differences.

The average salary for healthcare workers in executive, management and other professional positions topped $111,000 in 2015, but there is almost a $30,000 difference between salaries between men and women.

Men, on average, earn $126,262, compared to $100,762 for women, in the survey of 1,900 healthcare professionals that includes CEOs, CIOs, IT project managers, sales professionals and among those with titles such as CMIO and clinical systems analyst.

Respondents working for hospitals as part of a multihospital system reported the lowest average salary at $99,305, and those employed by consulting firms reported the highest average earnings of $140,971.

Salaries increases flattened out after 20 years in a position, the survey found, increasing every four years until that mark. Workers with 20 years on the job earned an average of $115,864.

Executive management positions saw the highest average salary of $196,472; followed by senior management at $163,217; department heads at $132,089; managers at $104,897; staff at $86,294; and associate staff at $69,104.

The Pacific Northwest took the lead with highest salaries, compared with other regions, with an average salary of $127,117. Respondents in the West and South-Central regions reported the lowest average salary of $101,281.

When considering sectors, government employees are the lowest paid compared to employees in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, with an average salary of $100,645. Employees of for-profit private organizations report the highest average salaries of $116,726, followed by for-profit public companies at $114,878 and nonprofit companies at $110,255.

Just under half (47 percent) of respondents received a bonus in the past year with a reported median bonus of 5 to 6 percent of salary. About 12 percent said their bonus was greater than 10 percent of their salary and 17 percent said it was 2 percent of salary or less.

More than three-quarters (77 percent) of respondents reported receiving a raise as of June 1, 2015, and the average raise was 3.91 percent.