DICOM Grid announces FDA approval of new products, recent network additions

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Cloud-based image management company DICOM Grid has received FDA approval for updated features to its DG PACS and DG Viewer products.

The company said its latest PACS platform will help remove errors from radiologist workflow. Also, features of the updated DG Viewer include a built-in meeting tool for live case reviews and consultations, and 3D manipulation tools.

DICOM Grid also announced that New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH) and CareWell Urgent Care, both in Massachusetts, have adopted its services.

“Because both NEBH and outside studies are available in DICOM Grid, the physicians can easily hang priors performed at other facilities next to more recent studies done within the hospital,” Tyler Martin, executive director of ambulatory network operations for NEBH, said in a prepared statement. “This streamlines their workflow, allowing them to more rapidly arrive at a treatment plan for the patient.”

“DICOM Grid makes sharing studies with patients simple,” Terry Giove, vice president of operations at Carewell Urgent Care, said in the same statement. “If the patient requests a copy of their report, the tech simply shares the study with their email address. DICOM Grid is a simple, elegant solution to solving a normally complex process.”