Hospitals with advanced EHRs note significant clinical ROI

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The vast majority (88 percent) of organizations with advanced EHR environments identified at least one positive outcome from their use of an EHR, with 83 percent reporting benefits in clinical staff quality performance, according to the results of the HIMSS Health IT Value Survey.

The survey was conducted among 52 hospitals on stages 6 or 7 on the HIMSS Analytics EMRAM model and HIMSS Davies award winners, profiling and identifying patterns in health IT value. Categories follow the HIMSS STEPS model framework: satisfaction, treatment/clinical, electronic information/data, patient engagement and population management and savings. Value expressions were registered in all five areas of the STEPS model, but the findings from this study reveal that treatment/clinical benefits were most common to EHR leading healthcare organizations. 

The survey illustrates the clinical benefits and financial ROI of health IT investments, as well as the areas for improvement. 

Survey highlights include:

  • 81 percent documented a positive impact in the area of savings
  • 69 percent implemented a formal patient engagement strategy
  • 50 percent had positive impact in the ability to share information among providers
  • 44 percent of individuals reported satisfaction among nurses

“This survey evaluates the progress the healthcare industry has made in deriving value from their health IT investments” said Pat Wise, HIMSS vice president. “The findings illustrate that although many challenges still exist, measuring the impact of the EHR on treatment and clinical areas is happening amongst healthcare innovators. This survey demonstrates that health IT is creating a positive shift within healthcare organizations, one that’s deriving quality care and improved outcomes.”

Survey findings reflect the feedback from 52 senior IT leaders from the specified hospitals and was conducted during the summer and fall of 2015.

Download the complete results.