Report shares how to attract top HIT talent

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Numerous providers are seeking health IT talent to maintain and optimize their systems. issued a report on health IT job benefits and satisfaction, where health IT professionals seek jobs, and more.

According to the report, 83 percent of health IT professionals are satisfied with their jobs. The ability to advance in their career, followed by the ability to do what they do best every day, is what makes health IT pros happy at work.

Just over half (51 percent) of health IT professionals say they will change jobs next year. Their current income, followed by an excessive workload is what makes health IT pros the most unhappy at work.

The vast majority (86 percent) are offered health insurance, while 81 percent are offered dental insurance, 78 percent offered paid vacation, 76 percent offered vision insurance, 75 percent offered life insurance, 69 percent offered disability insurance and 66 percent offered flexible spending accounts.

While those are the most common benefits, the respondents said they would like to receive work from home options (39 percent), overtime pay (36 percent) and a flexible schedule (32 percent).

Less common benefits include holiday pay (62 percent), maternity, paternity and adoption leave (49 percent) and gym membership and wellness programs (39 percent).

When asked where they want to work, 33 percent of respondents said the Pacific states while 19 percent said the Southeastern states. Most (74 percent) respondents said they use industry-specific job boards to look for job opportunities and only 42 percent said they use social networks for their job search.

Access the complete report.