Survey: Hybrid IT solutions embraced by three-quarters of companies

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Nearly three out of four organizations believe running a hybrid IT environment is critical to success and keeping pace with the competition, according to a recent survey of IT leaders in financial, retail, healthcare and other industries.

The survey, conducted by Sungard Availability Services, showed that 73 percent of IT decision-makers embraced a hybrid IT strategy—a combination of in-house IT and cloud services—while 94 percent of respondents reported positive impacts on their company’s business as a result.

"Organizations note that hybrid IT improves customer satisfaction, enables flexibility, and is often essential to their business. Yet many struggle to manage, and even understand, these complex environments,” said Keith Tilley, Sungard’s executive vice president of global sales and customer services management, in a press release. “What's most striking about the responses, however, is that many organizations are eager to invest in Hybrid IT, and the skills to support it, because it offers such a distinct competitive advantage."

The cost of a implementing hybrid IT varies widely, according to the survey, which saw half of organizations report increases averaging $291,000 per year while the other half reported significant cost savings of $218,700 per year on average.

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