Poll: Healthcare tops financial concerns of Americans

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A new survey by Gallup showed that Americans report healthcare costs as the biggest financial burden facing families today. Roughly 15 percent of the 1,015 respondents said healthcare is the greatest financial concern.

The next topics following healthcare costs as the biggest financial burden were low pay at 13 percent, debt and college costs at 9 percent, and housing costs at 8 percent.

However, the problems changed depending on whether or not a particular family has enough money to live comfortably.

"Those who live comfortably are more likely to cite long-term saving concerns such as retirement savings and college expenses as their most pressing financial problem,” writes Gallup. “Meanwhile, those without enough money to live comfortably express greater concern about more immediate financial problems, including low wages, debt payments and housing costs.”

The Gallup survey found that the latest polls matched earlier surveys that show the top financial concern facing American families today. “However, the contrasting nature of these concerns points to a much different reality for those without the financial means to live comfortably,” writes Gallup. “Americans living in financial comfort emphasize concerns about meeting long-term financial goals, while those without enough money to live comfortably must instead sacrifice future financial goals to meet the immediate costs of living.”