Does Windows 10 violate HIPAA?

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 - privacy and security

More privacy concerns for providers: The permissions in Windows 10 violate HIPAA and any provider using the system is not protecting patients’ protected health information, according to some observers

Writing in a blog post on Linkedin, Steve Hoffenberg, Director, IoT & Embedded Technology at VDC Research, calls attention to the "Input Personalization" feature of the new operating system, which has been likened to a key logger. Those intentional privacy flaws give Microsoft access to all the data on users’ computers, wrote Avery Jenkins, DC, a primary care chiropractor, on his own blog.

An article in PCMag says those fears are exaggerated, however.

The PCMag article says users can opt out of many of the parts of Windows 10 that give Microsoft a way to collect data, but doing so disables some of the operating system's best new features. Users also can find options in their privacy settings for personalization, apps, marketing and search privacy.

The article offers other suggestions about the use of Cortana, the personal voice responsive digital assistant, how to control the WiFi Sense capability and advertising opt-in options.

“You can lock down Windows 10 pretty well, but doing so removes a lot of the operating system's appeal,” the article says. “If you really want complete privacy, your best bet is not to connect to the Internet or use any technology at all.”